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Celebrating Student Success

PHPS students are academically challenged to meet their full potential while being celebrated for meeting major learning milestones. We have many celebrations throughout the year to acknowledge our student's growth as learners, their talents as artists and musicians, and their character strengths.


PHPS All School Party

Each fall the Parent Club puts on a fantastic All School Party for the entire PHPS community. This is a time of fellowship and fun. The students come for food, games, face painting, dancing, and more. Hosted on the PHPS campus, we enjoy the opportunity to gather and celebrate the school we all love!

Monthly Assemblies:

On the last Friday of each month, we celebrate the academic accomplishments of our students by announcing newly earned Accelerated Reader Point Clubs and Math Fluency. This is also an opportunity to celebrate one student from each class that has shown the character trait for that month. 

AR Store:

Each month the Parent Club opens up a store on campus for students to spend their reading points. Students earn points through reading comprehension quizzes in Accelerated Reader. The students spend their points on toys, games, and other fun items as a way of celebrating their hard work and reading success. 


Holiday Performance & End of School Music Program: 

The entire student body participates in two music programs each year. The students perform for family and friends in the PHPC sanctuary, under the direction of our Music instructor, Karla Perry. 

Talent Show:

K-6th grade students have the opportunity to voluntarily signup for the spring talent show. This event is an opportunity to showcase our student's many talents in dance, music, athletics, magic, and many more.