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Core Curriculum


  • 90 minutes every day
  • Multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham based reading, phonics, word study, and spelling instruction individualized for each student
  • Daily fluency practice
  • Daily comprehension instruction
  • Small groups are created based on skill and targeted remediation for grades 1-6


  • Teachers specialized in the SRSD (Self-Regulated Strategy Development) writing program to teach creative and informational writing
  • Fine motor lab for handwriting practice 
  • Handwriting Without Tears in K-2nd grades
  • Cursive writing is introduced in 3rd grade 


  • Math in Focus curriculum utilizing a multi-sensory approach
  • Follows the CPA model (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract)
  • Interactive SMARTboard activities, manipulatives, and iPad apps
  • Small groups created based on skill and targeted