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Education is fostered at Preston Hollow Presbyterian in a physically safe and emotionally supportive environment, where learning is highly valued and close relationships between students and teachers are encouraged. Our structured, small class settings are enhanced by the accepting family-like atmosphere that allows our students to participate in the learning process, overcoming the hesitation that comes with the fear of failure. A notable addition to our small class size of eight to twelve students is the further division of the class into smaller groups for instruction in the core areas of reading and math at all grade levels. In several of the younger grades, reading instruction is one to one.

The faculty and administration are committed to the education of the whole child, academically through a balanced core curriculum, aesthetically through programs in art, music and drama, and physically through a non-competitive, participatory physical education program. Optional extracurricular programs such as chess, Legos, Fun Zone sports, and art provide additional enrichment.

Multisensory instruction is integral at every grade level. Through the use of manipulatives and interactive SMART boards, students are involved in learning.

Organizational skills begin in the first grade with the introduction of the student binder and classroom routines. Each year additional skills are added so that students are able to take on the challenge of maintaining their binder and materials for at least two years before leaving PHPS. The study skills program is introduced in the third grade with the use of the planner to track assignments and tests. Each year additional study skills are integrated into the curriculum to help our students become successful independent learners as they move on to their next school.

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