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A Message from Dr. Nicole Bell, Director

Welcome to Preston Hollow Presbyterian School.  Founded in 1962 as the first mission of the Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church, our school has been providing specialized instruction for students with learning differences for 60 years.  

“This school is just so special!”  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this phrase regarding Preston Hollow Presbyterian School.  It is true.  Our school is intentionally small.  This allows us to carry out our mission and fulfill our purpose of providing individualized instruction and targeted remediation to our students in very small groups.  However, we are able to do so much more than that.  We are able to re-build confidence in our students, teach them to persist when faced with disappointment, help them recognize their skills and talents, and feel connected to a supportive and understanding community. Our faculty knows our students, and our families know our faculty.  We are able to be familiar with each student and appreciate the unique gifts each student brings to our community.  Our teachers recognize and emphasize students’ strengths.  Our teachers are able to communicate regularly with parents, and parents are comfortable sharing any concerns or questions with teachers.  We are able to constantly evaluate student progress and make modifications to meet students’ changing needs. Indeed, our small size allows us to do so much more for our students than just remediate learning differences.

I have devoted my entire career to working with, and supporting, students with learning differences, and I have to agree that this community is special.  During my time at Preston Hollow, I have developed a love for our students and a deep admiration for our teachers. Our teachers are here at Preston Hollow because they truly want to teach here. We are a mission-driven school, but our teachers are also motivated by an individual sense of commitment to serve our families.   Our school is a unique community where students, parents and teachers develop a genuine trust and a bond that extends beyond classroom instruction.

I welcome you to visit Preston Hollow Presbyterian School where you will see students engaged in active, multisensory, and collaborative learning. I welcome you to observe our classrooms in action where you will see children learning from teachers who are extremely qualified in their field but also joyful in their approach to teaching.  I invite you to visit our school and discover for yourself why “This school is just so special!”

Dr. Nicole Bell

Director of Preston Hollow Presbyterian School

Dr. Nicole Bell

Director, Preston Hollow Presbyterian School

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