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A Message from Dr. Nicole Bell, Director

Welcome to Preston Hollow Presbyterian School.  Our school was founded in 1962 to serve the needs of students in our community who learn differently. Today, the school has 134 students in Kindergarten through sixth grade and remains focused on the remediation of learning differences and ensuring students are prepared to return to a mainstream learning environment.

It is extremely rewarding to witness students flourish and grow in the right educational environment. Valuing students for who they are, allowing them to learn and demonstrate knowledge in their own way, and instilling perseverance, resilience and self-worth are at the heart of the PHPS approach to education. It sounds like a simple approach, but it is still amazing to see the results.  

Our teachers develop authentic relationships with our students and families which leads to trust and understanding. In my years at PHPS, I have developed a deep appreciation for the care and commitment our teachers show our students every day. The teachers at PHPS truly know our students, and they ensure students realize their unique strengths and capabilities, allowing students to feel confident and capable in reaching their full potential.

I hope you will visit PHPS and when you do, you will see students engaged in multi-sensory classroom activities, contributing to class discussions, participating in musical performances, playing soccer at recess, or creating art pieces, but you will also see students walking confidently in the hallways, interacting with peers easily and smiling honestly.  It truly is a wonderful thing to witness.     

Dr. Nicole Bell

Director of Preston Hollow Presbyterian School

Dr. Nicole Bell

Director, Preston Hollow Presbyterian School