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February 15, 2023
By Melonee Foss, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

       February is I LOVE TO READ MONTH! There are so many things that make February special. Days including Valentine’s, President’s Day, and learning about Black History. In addition to these important things, February is also a time for us to celebrate the love of reading. To celebrate reading in your home there are five things listed below that you can do to celebrate “I Love To Read Month.”

  1. Share your favorite childhood book with your family.
  2. Set aside 20 minutes and partner read a picture book or a chapter book with your family.
  3. Take a trip to the library together and have everyone check out a favorite book.
  4. Have a family book club. Set a date. Have everyone read the same book and then discuss it over dinner.
  5. Listen to audiobooks together in the car. Model the fact that books are meant to be enjoyed and can be done anywhere.  

Although February is designated as the “I Love To Read Month”, reading is really meant to be enjoyed all year long. So, grab your favorite book, find a few minutes, and share the love of reading with your family! 


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