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PHPS Summer Reading Program

Parents, Your child has worked hard to gain many reading skills over the school year. Continued practice through summer reading will help your child maintain and possibly gain skills. Therefore, we hope you will encourage your child to complete our summer reading requirements which you should have received. Please contact your child's teacher if you have not received your child's summer assignments folder which contains information about summer reading requirements .

In the letter explaining our summer reading program, you were given your child's reading range, which you will use to find books at his/her reading level through AR Bookfinder. AR Bookfinder will generate a list of books in your child's reading range. Books cannot be read online or printed from Bookfinder. You can print the list of books to help you in purchasing or locating at the library.  Please contact your child's teacher if you cannot find the information about your child's reading range. Below is a video which will show you how to use Bookfinder.

Although taking AR tests in the summer is not required, students are often more motivated to keep reading if they know they will be continuing to earn points. We will be offering certain days and times that students, accompanied by a parent or guardian, may come to school during the summer to take AR tests. A schedule of testing days was included in your child's summer assignments folder. You can also check the school calendar for these dates.

If you'd like to see a list of books your child has read, that information is available through HomeConnect. To log in to HomeConnect, you'll need your child's AR username and password, which was included in the Summer Reading information you received. Please contact the school office if you cannot find this information. Further down on this page, you'll find a video showing you how to use HomeConnect.

To participate in the Summer Reading Party, held at the beginning of school, students must have read their required number of books and completed and turned in their Reading Logs or Summer Book Report Forms. The Logs and Forms are due on Orientation Day or our first half day of school; they are not accepted after these two days.

The Reading Logs for students entering Grades 2-3 can be downloaded here.

The book report forms for students entering Grades 4-6 can be downloaded here:

Students entering Grades 4-6 may also complete their book reports online using the following links:

Happy summer and Happy Reading!

AR BookFinder How To

AR Home Connect How To