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PHPS Covid-19 Updates

PHPS COVID-19 Updates

PHPS continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation. We are currently working to develop a comprehensive plan for reopening that insures the health and safety of our students and staff.  Our plan will follow the current TEA standards, CDC and WHO recommendations, as well as state and local guidelines.

Current and past messages along with updated information will be posted on this page as we work towards safely reopening in the fall.

Fall Re-opening Update

June 11, 2020

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far.  We already reached 99 degrees this week so it certainly feels like summer.  I truly regret that we could not offer Summer Lab to our students this summer, but I do hope your children are still engaged in reading every day-whether they read independently, listen to a story read aloud, or follow along with an audiobook.  Summer is a great time to allow children to explore different reading genres and read for leisure and pleasure.  It is always good to have books and magazines nearby so your child can engage in reading while in the car on road trips, waiting for a sibling at swimming lessons, or lounging on the couch after a hard summer day.

At school, we did not waste any time beginning our important work of planning for school in August.  I know many of you have questions about what school will look like in the fall.   The truth is, we do not know yet.  Before the end of May, we formed a PHPS Re-opening Team that includes community members in the medical field, board members, and PHPS faculty and staff.  We are meeting regularly and developing a comprehensive plan that follows the current TEA standards, CDC and WHO recommendations, as well as state and local guidelines.  We are also in weekly communication with area private and public schools.  Our goal is to open our school in August, with all of our students on campus every day.  As such, we are spending the summer implementing program, building, and schedule modifications to adhere to the guidelines. However, we also realize we must develop a flexible plan that includes contingencies in the event additional restrictions are put in place. We wholeheartedly believe in, and intend to carry out, our school’s mission to “…to provide a caring and vital learning community for bright, learning different students that cherishes and supports them…”  Thus, we recognize the importance of providing a setting where our students can learn, and yet at the core of every decision is the health and safety of our students that we cherish so much. As the summer progresses and we receive additional guidance from the state and local authorities, we will be finalizing our school re-opening plan and communicating those specifics to you.  We will also routinely update our website to include any ongoing revisions.  

I want to reiterate once again, how truly special the PHPS school community is-because of you.  You all rallied together to partner with the teachers to make remote learning successful.  You ensured your child was on those Google Meets, that those See Saw and Google Docs assignments were turned in, that IXL was complete, and that your child was reading every day.  You sent thank you notes, heartfelt emails, and expressed sincere gratitude to the teachers during a really difficult time for educators and for families.  You trusted us to do the very best to keep students engaged and learning.  You helped solidify our affection and appreciation for our special school community-thank you.

We are so hopeful and eager to see you and your children in August.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by email or by calling my cell phone.  

Take care and stay cool,


CDC School Re-opening Considerations