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PE classes and afterschool sports are taught by Coach Rosen. Coach Green assists in teaching several of the PE classes with Coach Rosen. Students in grades 4-6 participate in two 55 minute classes each week. Students in grades K-3 have three 25 minute classes. The PE program provides opportunities for growth in all areas of physical fitness. Activities are designed to meet the developmental needs of the students in coordination, balance, agility, muscle strength/tone and cardio-vascular fitness. Each year, all students have the opportunity to participate in the Hoops and Jump Rope for Heart events. The All School Field Day in May is always a fun way to end a great year.

Coach Rosen is assisted by Coach Green in the afterschool soccer and basketball programs. These programs are open to all 5th and 6th graders.



Music classes and are taught by Karla Perry. Students have two 25 minute classes per week. The goal of our music program is for all students to have fun while developing a love of music that will last a lifetime. We believe that participation in a music educational program enhances language and learning skills.  Students who receive a positive experience in music and the arts are inclined to have a more positive attitude in facing their daily academic assignments.

The music curriculum includes exploration in the areas of listening, singing, playing, reading music notation, and movement. There is a study of composers, historical time periods, various musical genres, in addition to the basic structural elements of music including melody, rhythm, harmony, form, expression and style. Music theory is incorporated through the use of technology in the classroom. Students are also introduced to hymns and sacred music by participation in weekly chapel services.

Students perform two major all school musical productions each year. A sacred musical is presented at Christmas, and a secular performance occurs in the spring. The all school talent show allows students to share their many gifts in an uplifting, stress-free setting as a way to wrap up the school year. Field trips will vary from year to year, but may include visits to The Meyerson Symphony Center, Dallas Children’s Theater Center, Dallas Theater Center, Casa Manana, and Winspear Opera House. In-house field trips will be incorporated from time to time.



Art classes are taught by Mrs. Lauren Burns. Each class has art class once a week for 55 minutes. Mrs. Burns guides the students through a series of projects using a variety of mediums and experiences to encourage creative expression through art. Some concepts taught include fundamentals of drawing, multi-layer coloring, and sculpture creations. Part of the art curriculum includes studying the life and techniques of famous artists and then applying those techniques to student projects. Some projects may be coordinated with classroom studies. Art projects are proudly displayed in the hallway, the school office and on the school Facebook page.

Tech Lab

Susan Faulkner is the Tech Lab teacher. Students in Kindergarten-6th grades attend tech lab two days a week. The technology curriculum is based on the following state and national standards: creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and information fluency, critical thinking and problem solving,  digital citizenship and technology operations and concepts. Formal keyboarding instruction begins in third grade. Coding is taught in all grade levels.  

Fine Motor Lab

Students in Kindergarten through 2nd grade participate in a fine motor lab taught by Cathy Heald. Kindergarteners have four classes a week. 1st graders attend three classes a week, and 2nd graders have two classes a week. In the motor lab, the students rotate through several stations, performing activities designed to strengthen fine motor and visual motor skills. The curriculum for the motor lab was developed with guidance from a local occupational therapist.