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Fifth Grade

The fifth grade teachers are Mrs. Sivertsen and Mrs. Smith. Each classroom teacher leads the instruction in academic subjects in her classroom. Reading and math specialists may also work with individuals or small groups of students when needed.

Reading is taught in a whole-group, small group or one-to-one setting through novel studies. Critical reading skills are taught using the Visualizing-Verbalizing program and the STARS program. The Lindamood-Bell Seeing Stars program and SPIRE are used for phonics instruction. Comprehension skills are taught in the context of the novel studies and with other resources. All students receive reading fluency training with a reading specialist.

The Megawords program is used for instruction in decoding and spelling.

Students work on language skills daily through Winston Grammar and Daily Oral Language activities. Vocabulary is taught using the Sadlier Vocabulary Workshop program. The SRSD writing program is the basis of writing instruction. The students have several weekly paragraph writing activities and frequent reading response writings. The other writing genres covered include descriptive paragraphs, report writing, friendly letters, and journal writing. The students memorize and recite at least one poem a month.

The Zaner-Bloser program is used to practice cursive writing skills.

The students divide into four groups for math instruction. Math In Focus provides the basis of the fifth grade math program. The Math In Focus  curriculum provides interactive lessons and supplementary materials. The students are further exposed to problem solving skills and fluency practice through and his weekly puzzle packs. Other programs utilized to reinforce math facts and/or concepts include Reflex, IXL and Prodigy.

US history is the focus of social studies in fifth grade. Some of the units covered include the 13 Colonies, the American Revolution, Westward Expansion, the Industrial Revolution, Slavery and the Civil War. A yearly field trip to the Old Red Courthouse gives the students the opportunity to role-play different aspects of the US judicial process, which is also covered in their history studies. Other field trips are planned for historical drama productions at local theaters when available.

US Geography is the focus of the fifth grade geography curriculum. Through their State Fair projects, presented in the spring, the fifth graders share facts about a state that they've learned about in their geography studies.

Units covered in science curriculum include The Human Body, Electricity, Animal Classification, Earth Science and Oceans. Visits from High Touch, High Tech  and the Nature and Science Museum provide hands-on activities for many of the units. Videos and interactive SMART board activities provide additional resources.

Twice a year, the fifth graders volunteer their time at the Community Partners of Dallas. On these service days, the students assemble packets of supplies and daily necessities, along with seasonal treats, for the children served by this organization.

Fifth grade students receive additional instruction in the following areas:

P. E.-2 days a week
Music- 2 days a week
Tech Lab-2 days a week
Art -1 day a week for an hour.