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PHPS Emergency Management Plan

Preston Hollow Presbyterian School is dedicated to maintaining a safe and orderly environment for our students and staff. Our recently revised emergency management plan details commonly recognized crisis situations and prescribes the appropriate response for each event--security lock-down, taking shelter in interior hallways, or building evacuation.

In response to renewed national security concerns, we have included a plan addendum relating to emergency preparedness in case of biological/chemical activity. We joined with other Dallas private schools to meet with a Disaster Specialist of the American Red Cross, as well as a member of the Dallas Office of Emergency Preparedness, to discuss these additional concerns. A special focus of the meeting was to identify reliable sources of information for rapid response decision-making in the event of a crisis.

We will keep parents informed as we research the issues and implement any new procedures. In the interim, here are some recommended resources: Federal Emergency Management Agency's webpage for children and the Are You Ready? Guide for adults. Also there is an information alert prepared by the National School Safety and Security Service that can be accessed at