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The technology program at PHPS is designed to teach our students the skills necessary to be successful 21st Century learners. Our curriculum is based on the six strands of the National Educational Technology Standards: Creativity and Innovation; Communication and Collaboration; Research and Information Fluency; Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving and Decision-Making; Digital Citizenship; and Technology Operations and Concepts.

All computers in the school have Internet access. Parents must sign an Acceptable Use Policy giving their child permission to use the Internet at school. Student access of the Internet is carefully monitored and controlled by the teachers.

Students have access to and use of technology in a variety of ways throughout their school day. In each classroom, students have access to laptops or desktop computers, which can be used for taking AR tests, working on software that reinforces academic skills, or for teacher-guided Internet use. iPads are available in all classrooms. Apps are chosen to provide reinforcement in academic skills appropriate for the grade level. The iPads are also used as listening centers for audio books.

All classrooms, the music room, computer lab, math lab and several small group classrooms are equipped with SMART Board interactive white boards. These touch-sensitive boards are used for teacher presentations and student interaction.

Students in grades 1-6 go to the computer lab twice a week. In the lab, they work on keyboarding skills and projects that are integrated with their classroom curriculum. Kindergarten students receive computer instruction twice a week in their classroom at the beginning of the year. At mid-year or earlier, they start going to the computer lab for instruction.

Students in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grades have one-to-one laptop access during the school day. Two mobile carts of 11 laptops each are available for students in Kindergarten through 2nd grades. The students use the laptops throughout the day for writing and research projects, along with access to online curricula for math, reading and language arts. The laptops are all wireless enabled.

We work to keep our hardware, software and computer curriculum updated and current. Through the integration of computer technology throughout the day, we hope our students will develop the skills necessary to be successful in their digital lives.